If it's good enough for me, it's good enough for you


Lukasz Suchanski

I have been a detailer for many years and very sceptical about any new products that I buy, but seriously I can't knock Elite Wax or Elite Tyre Shine. Truly amazing products. Ridiculous how long a can of the wax lasts for and the shine on the car. Recommend highly. 5*'s


Srisuda Jones

I use to hate cleaning my car. In actual fact I never cleaned it. Normally I paid someone to do it for me. Then my boyfriend bought me Elite Wax as a joke because my car was always miserable and dirty. My boss at worked asked if I had my car resprayed haha, he couldn't believe I done it myself. Now I enjoy cleaning my car. It's cheaper and less time consuming. Now I am proud of my little run around :) 10/10


Rebecca Mennel

GIVE ME A JOB!!! I can't get enough of this stuff. I am a car fanatic and love keeping my car clean. I spend more time cleaning than I do driving it. I've bought practically every product that I can afford this has to be by far my favourite product and my go to product. You will not be disappointed when you buy this, keep it coming guys! Thank you for making a such a quality product at a great price. Worth every penny!


Alexander Jones

I am loving both the Elite Tyre Shine and Elite Wax. I use it pretty much on anything. Especially around the workshop where my customers come. Now its looking and smelling amazing. I can't wait for you to release more products I will be first in line.


Tomasz Tyczynski

I really believe this is one of the best valued products out there. That is why when ever I am in the UK I stock up on both Elite Wax and Elite Tyre Shine for myself, friends and family. Before it was food they always wanted me to bring back now its Elite Products! Highly recommended. Buy yours today before I buy it all haha!


Lee Barker

I've been racing in the British Drift Championships for many years now. I was introduced to Elite Wax by a friend who also races but in British Rally Championship, since then this is pretty much all I use. It's perfect for when I have to get car ready for a shoot after a race or when I drive to meets and my wheels accidently spin up. I will continue to be a regular customer.