Elite Package


Customised Elite Wax Bag, Elite Wax x 1. Elite Tyre Shine x 1, Premium Microfibre Cloth x 2

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Carnauba wax forms the base of this product, if you didn’t know, carnauba wax is a highly sort after wax sourced from Brazil famously used on speedboat hulls to enhance the speed and handling in a saltwater environment. Why? This is because carnauba wax creates a smooth, highly resilient, water beading defensive layer. Combine this wax with a specially created formula which makes the viscosity finer than dirt will allow it to penetrate and get underneath contaminants. So once applied, gently wiping Elite Wax with one of our microfibre cloths will lift off and trap the dirt allowing the carnauba wax to bond to the surface giving your pride and joy the protection from harmful UV rays to the dreaded bombing bird that you deserve and desire. This is all done in a matter of seconds giving you back the most valuable thing anyone can possess… time.


Silicone, also known as polysiloxanes is the underlying ingredient in tyre shines. This is not to be confused with silicon the element. It is the manipulation of the silicon element that is so important in producing a successful formula. Through rigorous testing and design, we have united 4 different types of silicone to give you a product that is not only quick and easy to apply it will outlast and outperform against its world-renowned competitors. Give it a try and enjoy the bubble-gum scented Elite Tyre Shine today.


Thicker and harder wearing than our basic microfibre cloth but the functionality is the same. When used with Elite Wax and wiped across the surface it will create a static charge that will attract and trap unwanted impurities into the fibres of the cloth, they will be kept there until cleaned.
Washing Instructions
Hot wash up to 90 Deg. C
Avoid using fabric softener
Tumble drying will help open the fibres

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