Slava Ukraini!

Due to the ongoing appalling humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, 10% of all of our profits are currently going to the Ukrainian Appeal.

About Elite Wax

Here at Elite we strive to make top quality products. Nothing is released until it has undergone laborious testing. This way we can be confident that the products you buy are up to your standards, only selling what we would and do happily use ourselves. We also believe designing and producing one quality product in a specific field. Why produce several types of shampoo, waxes, tyre shine etc? Make one but make it amazing. We continue to expand our product range due to popular demand but because of our high standards this does take some time. Signup to our newsletter to be the first to find out about new, up and coming products. Also, you can keep in the loop about competitions and freebies. Thank you to all our loyal customers and support that we receive. It’s important to us that we give back what we receive. Profits are reinvested into developing more quality products for you and prizes to give away.





From a young age James was eager to learn and earn his keep. You could have found him baking and selling cakes to his classmates, starting and running an English teaching school in Spain to building and selling bicycles in Australia. Well-travelled and highly qualified in both Engineering and Finance is a result of being able to get things done quickly, efficiently and to a high standard. This is reflected in the Elite product range in the hope of helping you to improve your quality of life by using less of your priceless time spent on cleaning your pride and joy. Outside of his busy lifestyle you can find him relaxing hanging from a parachute. Weakness, milkshakes.



Product Development

It’s not what you know it’s who you know, Right? Keith happens to have both, PhD in physics and an array of contacts. He was a key ingredient to bringing the companies first product “Elite Wax" to life. Because of the success of this product Keith will continue to be the forefront of future developments. Never one to submit, working day and night to make sure the task in hand is complete. In true spirit of working hard playing hard, once the job is done, he can be anywhere from a luxury cruise to a speakeasy in NYC. Weakness, cheesecake.



Yorkshire & The Humber Sales Manager

The Brand Man, full of energy Gordan has been highly involved shortly after the release of Elite Wax. Believe it or not Gordon never used to clean his car, then Elite Wax came into his life, he saw the potential and ran with it. A true inspiration when it comes to being in front of the camera embracing all types of challenges and questions that get thrown his way. Completely selfless when it comes to business helping and promoting anyone that happens to cross his path. A true family man and wanting to give them everything he can is what drives Gordon to success. Weakness, seafood - especially lobster.



South East Area Sales Manager

Ex-Professional footballer Jordan joined the team after being an avid user of Elite Wax. It was during the release of Elite Tyre Shine that he demonstrated the passion he had for sales, selling out at our launch event before it was even over. Heart of gold when it comes to customer care, always going above and beyond to keep you all happy which is an incredibly time-consuming task. Where there is Jordan there is a football and a pair of boots (football boots that is) nearby. Weakness, salt and vinegar sticks.



London Area Sales Manager

Newest member to the team. Italian born but now well established in one of the world’s most iconic cities. Marco has the patience of a saint being able to handle the pressure of big city living like no other and he puts a whole new perspective on multitasking. One of Marco’s biggest strength is being true to his word - something you don’t come across often these days. As you would expect from an Italian, an absolute mastermind in the kitchen. Weakness, blackjack.



Freelance Photographer

Former project manager for a high net worth company working every hour under the sun to please everyone but himself. Craig finally made the decision in May 2019 to pursue the natural gift and keen eye he has for his passion in photography. Rapidly being recognised for his pure talent in this art, confirms this was the right choice to him to make. Always ready for action with a backpack full of goodies. Weakness, digital technology.

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