About Us

Filthy Beast

For many of us, our rides are an extension of ourselves! Starting your day, going to the shops, meeting clients or that important first Tinder date with a miserable dirty car is not on. But it's expensive and time consuming keeping your pride and joy clean constantly right?! WRONG!

Who Loves a Brazilian?

Working with highly experienced scientists and years of testing we have managed to create a superb, carefully formulated product that is easy and quick to apply. The well sort after Carnauba Wax forms the base of this wonderful creation giving your choice of non-porous surface the love, care, protection and shine it deserves.

If It's Good Enough For Me, It's Good Enough For You

Our products have been endorsed by everyone from Dealerships and their Detailers, British Drift Champions, British Rally Drivers (to name a few) and your everyday driver/rider/sailor/flyer. So what are you waiting for? Give it a try today and join the Elite.